Ayurveda Concepts of Women’s Care


Embark on a transformative journey exploring Ayurveda’s profound insights into women’s well-being. Unveil the cyclical nature of health, harmonize hormones, and embrace Ayurvedic practices for every life stage. Nurture emotional balance, beauty, and holistic vitality through personalized wellness, celebrating the unique journey of women.
  • Course Duration : 6 Months
  • Requires 40 hours of study
  • 1 virtual doubt solving session included.
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Dive into the wisdom of Ayurveda with the Concepts of Women’s Care course. Explore women’s holistic health, from menstrual balance to hormonal harmony. Discover pregnancy and postpartum rejuvenation, menopause empowerment, and emotional well-being techniques. Embrace Ayurvedic beauty rituals, nourishing nutrition, and personalized self-care. Unveil a comprehensive guide celebrating women’s unique journey towards vitality and equilibrium.

Unit I: Introduction to Ayurveda Concepts of Women’s Care

Unit II: Ayurvedic Perspective on Women’s Anatomy and Physiology

Unit III: Menstrual Health and Balance

Unit IV: Balancing Hormones with Ayurveda

Unit V: Pregnancy and Postpartum Care

Unit VI: Ayurvedic Approaches to Menopause

Unit VII: Ayurveda and Fertility

Unit VIII: Women’s Mental and Emotional Well-being

Unit IX: Ayurvedic Beauty and Self-care for Women

Unit X: Nutrition and Diet for Women’s Health

Unit XI: Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies for Women’s Health

Unit XII: Yoga and Ayurveda for Women

Unit XIII: Ayurvedic Practices for Sexual Health

Unit XIV: Holistic Approach to Women’s Care

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Doubt Solving Sessions

1 (30 min)