Online Training

At our institution, all our courses are created and prepared by renowned Ayurveda experts who have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of this ancient science. Our courses are designed to be self-paced, allowing you to learn at your own speed and convenience.
To provide maximum flexibility and convenience, we deliver our study material in the form of PDF files that can be sent via email. You can choose to either read the material online or print it out for offline reading. This way, you have the freedom to complete the course at your convenience.
Moreover, we offer online assistance through email, where you can communicate with our experienced faculty members and clarify any doubts or queries that you may have while studying. Our faculty members are always available to guide and support you throughout your learning journey.
Our courses are designed to offer maximum flexibility and convenience, with study materials that are easy to access and comprehend. With the guidance and support of our experienced faculty members, you can expand your knowledge of Ayurveda and apply its principles to improve your health and well-being.

Our Method Of Teaching

We will deliver the course material directly to your email as a PDF attachment that can be printed or read online. Each unit will include assignments to help evaluate your progress and understanding of the material.
Once you complete the assignment and send it back to us, we will provide you with the next unit of the course. You have the freedom to work at your own pace, and there is no specific timeline for completing the assignments.
The course fee includes the registration fee, course materials, and online assistance from our team of expert faculty members. You can reach out to them at any time if you need any guidance or support while completing the course.
Overall, our course structure is designed to provide you with maximum flexibility and convenience, allowing you to learn at your own pace and receive feedback from our faculty members. The course fee covers everything you need to successfully complete the course and enhance your knowledge of Ayurveda.

Online Courses we offer


If requested, we can organize classroom teaching and practical demonstrations in any part of the world. This means that individuals who are interested in learning Ayurveda but are unable to travel to our center in Jaipur, India, can still benefit from our expertise. We believe that Ayurveda should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their location, and we are committed to making this possible. By providing our services globally, we hope to spread the knowledge and benefits of Ayurveda to people from all corners of the world.